Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sweet Breakfast Returns with 5 Spot

Like my last post, there has been so much that has happened in the time that has passed, I can't possibly catch up in one post. So I have decided to jump back into the old weekly routine of: 

This week we went to 5 Spot, a diner located on the South end of Upper Queen Anne. I have been here once before- it was years ago but I STILL remember what I ordered: the Tropical French Toast, battered with fine flake coconut, drizzled with coconut syrup, and topped with carmelized pineapple and whipped cream. I once ordered something similar in Hawaii and it fell short of this delicious 5 Spot plate. But alas, this was a temporary creation of theirs and was not on the menu when we visited yesterday. However, this was:

Blueberry pancakes with warm Vermont Maple Syrup. I like my blueberries small and packed with flavor (as opposed to overgrown watery blueberries, the result of chemical fertilizers). These blueberries were tender and bursting with flavor, a suitable amound spread throughout the inside of the cakes. These are my kind of blueberry pancakes! I loved them. Luke ordered a savory plate, as usual, but this plate was anything but ordinary: 

The Ranch Hand: a stuffed crepe folded over black beans and pico with enchilada sauce and eggs of your choice on top. The flavor combinations happening here were unexpected but worked perfectly to compliment each other. 

As you saw in the first photo, we had no trouble cleaning our plates. We will definitely go again and bring our out-of-town visitors here when in need of a big breakfast. Perhaps Seattle's best breakfast diner?... Only time and more Sweet Breakfast experiences will tell!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A New Chapter

So it seems I have taken a long break from the blogging community. It was unintended, but well needed. Life has been changing so much! A little re-cap:

Final project on campus: 100 serving wedding cake. yes, those flowers, sticks, and stars are edible.  :)
Our classes on the Portland Le Cordon Bleu Campus have ended and we have been scattered across the country to our internships at some amazing restaurants and bakeries. I put this video together to capture those days in the kitchen classrooms and to always remember my classmates and Chefs:

I got an internship at the ever fabulous Macrina Bakery here in Seattle! Take a look at some of their fabulous eats:          

Also, only 7 weeks until Luke and I get married! We are moving into our first apartment in the Magnolia neighborhood in a week. We are so excited! Can't wait to marry this stud muffin!
Day at Green Lake with Luke and my crocheted picnic blanket.
Lots more coming soon! Let me know what you have been up to in your time off during these hot summer months!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Afternoon Pizza

This past weekend, Luke came to visit for 5 whole days during my spring break week. The Portland rain decided to take a break as well. We got to enjoy a ton of sunshine, neighbors playing bad folk music, and open windows with cool breezes. Luke suprised me with these bright tulips and daffodils for date night one evening. During one afternoon we made this pizza- Luke chopped the veggies and I made the dough. I bought him this 22oz chocolate cherry stout from Bridgeport called Bear Hug. Ingredients for a good afternoon together=

The last time we made pizza together, we had trouble with the fresh tomato's juice spilling over onto the oven during the first half of baking. We folded the crust over and problem solved! Bon App├ętit!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Roadrunner Cafe

This weekend Luke came for an extra long visit, 5 days! We have had some good eats, including a breakfast place I have been wanting to try since I first moved here: The Roadrunner Cafe. Luke ordered a bacon scramble that came with a wonderfully gigantic heart shaped buttermilk biscuit. YUMMMM

 When I saw the french toast on the menu, it was nothing short of an answered prayer: Brioche French Toast....! Last week I went on a several hours long search for a bakery that sold brioche by the roll in downtown Portland. Ken's Bakery was already sold out, Whole Food's only sold it in quantities of at least 4, and the Pearl Bakery's was a little stale from sitting in their open air case all day. But this brioche toast was soft and sweet, and a little crunchy on the outside. Served with maple sausage links and 2 eggs over easy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cannon Beach and Bikes with Dad

These are just little snippets to remember the weekend I got to spend hanging out with my Dad here in Oregon. We learned a few new things, saw beautiful places, and ate great food. I love my family for teaching me how to enjoy life, and the lessons on how to make it all happen. Thanks for believing in me; Love you Dad!

Coffee Soaked Cakes

This week is finals for our intro to cake class. Here are a couple of cakes we did that involved delicious creams and syrups made from espresso:

This cake is rumored to have been invented for intermission at operas to keep people awake for the duration of the show (it has ample amounts of espresso in it!). While I find this folk tale funny, I have never heard of any opera selling this sweet (although I have never been to an opera, so it's just second hand info I'm working with here.) Another theory is that it's many layers of jaconde, french buttercream, ganache, glacage, and syrup make it quite dramatic, giving it the name Opera Cake. Who knows?

This tiramisu was made with piped ladyfingers, four layers alternating between espresso and Marsala wine soaked ladyfingers and a mascarpone cream. I was reading about this cake and found out that the only consistently defining quality of tiramisu is the incorporation of mascarpone and coffee. Also, I have always thought of it as a traditional Italian cake, but there is not any actual record of it before the latter half of the 20th century, making it a relatively new delicacy. I really enjoyed making this in  class; the chocolate curls were easier than I thought.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring (stop and smell the flowers!)

The other day I took a long walk on Hawthorne. It was a chilly but colorful day- the sun sneaking in through puff ball clouds. This is the first time I have ever felt like the winter season has flown by- something I can't say I am disappointed about in this rainy part of the country.

The blossoms remind me everything comes and goes quickly, everything is always in a state of transformation. Note to self: relish every moment.